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Central  Coach & Player Development Program

Central Hockey Club recognises the legacy of our past and present Club coaches and players who have led us to much success since inception in 1955.

The primary purpose of the Central Hockey Club Coach and Player Development Program is continuing to build on that legacy, to positively impact on the quality of the hockey experience of our players and our coaches. 

As with our players, our coaches too must be provided with the opportunity to set personal coaching goals that enable them to coach the best they can, at the highest levels they choose.


Richard Black and Peter Funnell OAM


Club Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Program

Overseen by John Fulton (Life Member) and Lola McKinnon ( Life Member)

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Program is Central Hockey Club’s way of recognising and acknowledging in sincere appreciation, the efforts of our people.

In most, if not all, large successful sporting clubs, a veritable army of people play for their clubs, as well as (players or not) freely give up their time to contribute to the successful and harmonious operation of their clubs.  A large number of these people work “behind-the-scenes” and their valuable efforts sometimes go unheralded.

In 1992, Central Hockey Club instituted a Club Member & Volunteer Recognition program known as the "Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards".

 When members reach a certain number of accumulated points based on 'behind the scenes" monitoring (unbeknown to recipients), they are awarded progressively, with either a Bronze, Silver or Gold lapel badge displaying the Central Hockey Club Coat of Arms.  

The program was initiated by Club Stalwarts John O'Brien and Ray Brown (OAM). Parents of Central juniors at the time, John and wife Maxine Fulton (now sadly passed), developed and populated the system which remains overseen by John to this day. 

Gold, Silver, Bronze awards have been conducted annually at Central HC Senior Presentation Nights, since 1993.

At the beginning of 2019, there were 21,683 records in the database scored by 4,695 people in our Club.

We look forward to seeing you!

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